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Fr. Tim Nelson JCS Internal Faculty Spotlight Interview Questions

●      What has been your journey with Catholic education?

Catholic education all through grade school, high school and college. All in Dubuque, Iowa. St. Patrick Elementary School, Wahlert Catholic High School, and Loras Catholic College.  Matthias Loras was the classmate of St. John Vianney, Matthias Loras was very good at Latin and was supposed to teach St. John Vianney Latin, but was not very successful.  The first Bishop of Dubuque.  16 years of Catholic education.  

It gave me a foundation in the knowledge and awareness of God.  It gave me grounding and a sense of purpose and dignity. Whatever I later chose to do, it was my foundation. When I was in college and high school, back in the 60s and 70s, we had religious sisters and priests teaching in the high school and the college.  It was very clear that all of the sciences, literature, history, and art was all coming from and connected to our faith and God and Jesus Christ.

●      You’ve been a part of the growth of JCS since the original 2017 Strategic Plan.  What was the original purpose of that plan?

There was a strong sense in the Catholic  community that we needed to seek a renewal – to be bold in our commitment to vibrant faith and community.  To do that, we needed fresh voices and a new way of thinking.  The Strategic Plan started that work, and then it was really championed by Executive Director Tim DeWitt, and many others on the Board of Directors and in our school leadership over the last few years.

●      How does the organization of Jackson Catholic Schools advance that vision?

We’ve got four schools in Jackson, and we are all Catholic! We are united, and we should be united in our vision and mission, and our spirit of cooperation.

●      You serve as the Chair of the Board of Governors.  What is the role of the Board of Governors?

The Board of Governors is charged with ensuring the integrity of the mission and the bylaws set out for Jackson Catholic Schools. When particular situations arise, like sports activities on Sunday, the Board of Governors helps to bring the vision and the mission to faithfully pursue a course of action that’s faithful to all of that.

●      What is your role as Chair? 

My role as chair of the Board of Governors is to help determine the agenda and to ensure that the meetings are held in an organized and peaceful way. 

●      As Chair of the Board of Governors, what would you like to say to the faculty and staff of Jackson Catholic Schools?

We have your back! We will assure the integrity of the mission of JCS so that it is you can work and learn, grow and thrive.

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