Why Lumen Christi


We provide our students a family environment where everyone wants the best for them, and from them. Our staff pushes students to succeed while our teachers cater to all learning styles. We give students a support system that facilitates and nurtures their success and provides the structure that all students can carry with them into college and the rest of their lives.

Much like in life itself, the people make all the difference here at Lumen Christi. The teachers, administrators, coaches, faculty members at Lumen Christi are dedicated to guiding each students natural growth into adulthood in the direction of GOOD.

Prayer and the staples of our Christian Faith are ways that we show our students the care and support they often need. Students are never turned away from our chapel services in times of need and guidance.

Student involvement is a core principle and huge reason our kids love for Lumen Christi is authentic. By being involved in sports or school clubs, our students help make and shape us as a school. Our students put words into action. They strengthen their faith through sacrifice, giving back, and leaving each place in better shape than it was before they arrived.

Lumen Christi might be a small school but we'll put the support we get from our alumni up against any other. Our graduates walk away with a deep and genuine belief in Lumen Christi and what we stand for.